Learn To Give Perfect Belly Massage To Your Child With The Help Of Experts

Posted by Crlcentre on February 7, 2019as

It is very essential to learn proper infant massaging techniques as it will help you to give genuine idea about the pressure to be exerted on a child’s body during the process. In Norwich, citizens prefer to consult experts who help them to learn about different types of massages which they could give to their child. If you want to avail the services in this regard then it is advised to avail genuine services for baby tummy massage in Norwich. Belly massage will help your kid to get relief from constipation, gas and it also provides aid in proper digestion.

baby hand in mother's hands

Points to remember

  • Do not massage the belly of your child after you’ve fed him or her, it is also advised to avoid the process during the time of your child’s sleep.
  • Before you start the process, keep a soft towel beneath your child’s back and remove any piece of jewelry because it may scratch or bruise the skin.

The process

  • You are required to place your hand on the stomach of your child and gently roll your hand in clockwise direction. It is mandatory to roll the hand clockwise as it will help your child’s digestion.
  • In step two, you are advised to bring the feet of your child closer to his or her nose. This process will help your child to get rid of gas and constipation.
  • You then have to squeeze the feet of your child a little bit and roll them side to side. This feature will provide genuine help in regulating various ailments related to stomach.

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