Is it Beneficial to Lease the Next Car? – Buying vs. Leasing

Posted by Crlcentre on January 5, 2017
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Purchasing a brand new car is one of the most important, yet expensive purchases of your life. Hence, you have to make sure that you do not commit any mistakes, while spending on it. When planning to get a new car, you must examine all the options available. However, mostly people get confused about whether they should buy a car or lease it. It is essential to analyze the pros and cons of both of them to arrive at conclusions.

The contract hire and leasing your next car may sound an easy way out, but you will have to consider various factors prior to the deal. In this article, we will be discussing all the factors which you must know.

Know all the factors to keep in mind when leasing out a new car

Some of the major factors for contract hire and leasing your next car have been mentioned below –

  • Income – If you are planning to lease your next car, and then make sure that you have enough monthly income to pay the car rentals. The rentals can increase according to the maintenance of the car.
  • Your driving skills- Make sure that you drive safely when you are driving a leased car. This is because, any slightest damage can increase the rental.
  • How much you drive? – Many times, you may not drive as much as others which can cost you low rentals however, driving way too much can increase the monthly rentals.

Leasing can be great for the cars belonging to the high-end range. However, it is not advisable otherwise.

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