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Contracts To Protect Home Owners During Building Works

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new loft convertsion

Responsible home owners need to plan a series of both major and small work to their homes, including extensions, loft conversions, sometimes even full renovations requiring architectural and structural support.

While the service should be tailored all the way, it is important that the contractor is fully insured and their works are fully scheduled and guaranteed, following all construction regulations. Look for a provider with excellent references and recommendations.

Home owner contracts

Regardless of the style or size of the loft conversion services you require, make sure the contract between you and the service provider is industry recognized.

The construction industry often uses documentation from the Joint Contracts Tribunal; for small domestic building work, such as loft conversions, extensions and alterations, you would need a home owner contract.

This type of documentation will protect you whenever you appoint consultants or contractors to undertake your building work. You can get both online and hard copy versions, but the format is less important. What maters the most is that you get two copies of your building contract, namely one for you and the other for the contractor.

The contract does not fall under the provisions of the Construction Act, and it may prove useful should there be a dispute between you (the home owner) and the contractor.

The document lays out the agreed sum, VAT included, and how you intend to pay it, either as a single payment once the work is completed, or as interim payments at intervals agreed with the contractor.

As far as the work itself is concerned, the contract covers planning permission, building regulations and party walls, the type of work to be done, the working period and hours, guarantees, insurance and disputes. It also details the responsibilities of the contractor and of the customer, plus all health and safety issues.

Benefits Of Availing Property Management Services

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A good property management company can add more significant value to your investment done in your home. Buying a property such as your house can be a lifetime investment for many people. If you manage your property in a good way, the property will return its value in a good way. So, it is important to properly design or manage your property in Port Charlotte to generate the maximum revenue out of it. If you have no clues regarding how to manage your property, you can hire a professional property management company which can manage your property on your behalf. There are many Port Charlotte property management companies that are ready to help you in every way possible.


Property management companies have numerous benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • These companies will give you a beneficial advice related to the tenants and in deciding the suitable rent price according to the location and status of your property. They will help in attracting the right tenant for your property and in the meanwhile they also maintain your property.
  • These companies will take the responsibilities off from your shoulders and make you stress free from the issues related to the maintenance and repairing of your property. Freeing yourself from these issues will provide you with more time to focus on your job or business and spend more quality time with your family.
  • These companies also provide you with the local rules and regulations of the market that what is in demand and how can you make your property look more attractive towards the tenants.

Ensure Good Oral Health By Visiting A Dentist

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For a good oral health, you should visit your dentist regularly within 3 months gap. They diagnose oral diseases and prevent them. Dentists promote oral health and hygiene. Dentist’s work is not just limited to gums and teeth. They also provide treatment to jaws, neck, salivary glands and tongue. In Boston, dentists like Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice also offer cosmetic dentistry services and help the people in getting a beautiful smile.

Dentists cures different oral problems

Dentists prove to be beneficial for curing oral problems like teeth discoloration, missing teeth, tooth decay and injuries, etc. Here are some services that are provided by the dentists:

  • Cleaning of teeth- Teeth cleaning on a regular basis helps to provide good oral health and prevents plaque also. It maintains the whiteness and strength of your teeth.
  • Teeth whitening – it helps to remove the yellowish stains from the teeth and whitens the enamel to provide a brighter appearance to the tooth.
  • Fillings– To restore the structure of your tooth, tooth filling is important. Dentists clean out the cavity and fill the tooth with porcelain and different materials.
  • Dental bridges – Dentists fill up the gap of missing teeth by dental bridges. It helps to improve your smile. These dental bridges look like natural teeth.
  • Dental implant- In case you lose a tooth or two, you can get dental implant by your dentist. In this, way you can get your smile back.

Dentists also provide cosmetic dentistry to provide you a brighter smile. It enhances your confidence when you can smile without any hesitation.